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What is the Blue Cruise ?

What Do You Need to Know!

      Cevat Sakir, Turkish author of tale and novels, was exiled to Bodrum due to his political views. While he was in Bodrum, he fell in love with the nature surrounding him which led to him starting to explore the history and culture of the area. He rented a fisherman’s boat, “Yatagan”, then set out to explore Aegean coast which was immortalized with the help of Himeros. Thus, Blue Voyage was born.

     Literates such as Sabahattin Eyüboğlu and Halikarnas Fisherman who left an impression in the literature world, transformed their blue voyage memories into artistic and intellectual creations. These cultivated humanists’ peaceful explorations evolved into an alternative vacation concept in 1950s. However, until 1980s, Blue Voyage was enjoyed by just a small lucky group of boat owners; after that, it found its way into ever evolving concept of tourism.

     Blue Voyage is carried out by beautifully swaying boats in Turkey’s wonderful Aegean and Mediterranean waters where countless island, bay and sandy beaches are yet to be discovered. Historical landmarks on some bays allow boats to moor and vacationers to enjoy and appreciate the beauty.



     Although Blue Voyage is sometimes described as lasting anywhere from 1-15 days; any journey that takes less than 7 days should be considered as “Blue Trip”. Duration is recommended minimum 7 days so that vacationers would fully enjoy the beauty and the views; also for the crew and group to find a rhythm. High season for Blue Voyage is between  April 15 - October 15, while September is the recommended month to take this journey.


            ⛵ WHY BLUE VOYAGE?

     There is no need to bring a large wardrobe; you can complete the vacation with a few t-shirts, shorts and a bathing suit.Cost is similar to or mostly cheaper than that of a similar hotel or resort providing the same caliber of service. Sea, sunbathing deck, restaurant, cabins, restroom and bathrooms are within 20 m. of one another. One would not be unnecessarily overeating like they may do in a hotel. You would be provided nutritious meals offering variety, including a big breakfast; vegetable based plentiful lunch and meat/tapas dinners - they are tailored to prevent vacationers from gaining weight.Early in the morning hours, you can enjoy swimming in lake like waters while breathing in the air infused by sage and thyme teas, listening to birds chirping. 

     Washing your face or taking a shower can all be done in the tranquil waters.After you complete your early morning enjoyment of the sea, you would find the crew had already prepared your breakfast or they would be busy preparing it while you are enjoying your morning tea or coffee. You would find plenty of time to read a book and listen to music.You would have the opportunity to listen to nature. You would make new friends and/or reinforce your existing bonds. Your foot would not have to set on sand, even land, should you not wish to.You would travel to virgin bays, not accessible by land. 

     You would discover many different colors of the sea and 2-3 different bays each and every day.Fishing is what gets you excited? No problem, you could do that, too! You can chill in sun or shade. You would not be at mercy of animators one could find at resorts or hotels, why not be a part of the nightly animation yourself? Swimming under the moonlight? No problem. You would come to realize that the sea sparkle is not indeed the reflection of the moon; you could form the sea sparkle yourself.You could rest either in your comfortable and cool cabin or under the stars on deck beds.

               ⛵ WHAT SHOULD I BRING?

  • Few t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits. Sun glasses, hat/bandanna ,rubber sole slippers/shoes
  • Light sleeping bag (not required, sheets and blankets can be provided) if you wish to sleep under the stars.
  • Beach towel (preferably microfiber sports towel or “pestemal” - they do not require much room).
  • Track suit or alike for cooler evenings and mornings.
  • Evening dress/dressy outfit for Ladies/Button down shirt and khaki pants/Suit for Gentlemen: Last night on the boat is called “Gala Night”. All vacationers are asked to don their best outfit, which has not been worn during the trip, to a specially celebration/cocktail hour on deck. Women are also encouraged to wear makeup. There will be individual and group photo shoots.
  • Various games, books.
  • Personal grooming kit, medicine, personal care items.
  • It is recommended that these items are brought on board in a few small bags, rather than a large suitcase.

              ⛵ WHAT SHOULD I LEAVE HOME?

     Fluffy beach towel, hand towel, blanket, pillow, pillow case, sheets, soap.220 V power is available on all boats; some while sailing, some while the generator is running. You may charge your electronics on board.


              ⛵ MEALS

      Meals generally consist of rich breakfast with variety of items, variety lunch including mostly vegetables and plentiful dinner offering red/white meat, fish and tapas. Special menu can be catered towards your wishes per request. There is also 5 o’clock tea and late afternoon refreshments.

     Food and beverages can either be purchased by our guests; a shopping list would be available if requested or the tour can be tailored to include everything, including the grocery shopping. The meals are cooked by our on board chef and prepared by crew.

                 ⛵ LIFE ON BOAT

      Should you decide to take this wonderful journey and leave Marmaris Marina and sail towards Ekincik, you may opt to spend the night there and have breakfast offshore of Iztuzu where Dalyan meets the sea, while enjoying the view of the island of thousand holes. You may choose to take a ride surrounded by the straws, exploring sea turtles and blue crabs, or you could visit The Turtle Hospital. After breakfast, you could set sail again and reach Gulf of Gocek. You could then quickly realize that that nature has never been so generous, nowhere else in the world has it provided such beauty and gorgeous views. You would then fall in love with the greenest islands, utmost blue waters, sun, stars, moonlight, sea sparkles, symphonies delivered by cicadas, following the warmest sun and easily become a Blue Voyage aficionado.

      Time then stands still; when you realize there is a little water left in the boat’s tank (literally), you would appreciate just how many days were spent in the beauty that is called Blue Voyage. That is when you set sail to Bedri Rahmi Bay.Besides being known as the bay where the boats refill their water supplies, Bedri Rahmi Bay is also known by a permanent mark the first voyagers left; painting of a fish by Bedri Rahmi on a rock. Maybe that year, you feel like sailing arounf the Gulf of Hisaronu.

      Along with some nameless but untouched bays, others your captain may offer the surprise to take you will include Kumlubük, Kadırga, Çiftlik, Bozukkale, Dirsekbükü, Söğüt, Bozburun, Selimiye, Kız Kumu, even Datca, and Knidos.You could even start your voyage in Bodrum, Sail around Gulf of Gokova; or begin from Fethiye and extend to Kas, Kalkan, Kekova and Saklikent. Blue Voyage refers to the experience where drifting into sleep while counting the starts in the sky at night, then wake up with the first rays of the sunshine. It is asking the first swimmer of the day how the water is. İt is dining together, leaving the table as one.

      It is enjoying a good book while listening to cicadas chirping in the background, performing water ballet as a group, sitting on noodles and enjoying fresh fruit off the floating tray, singing at the bow with the sunset over the horizon, playing truth or dare in the longing hours of the night, having intellectual conversations on history, philosophy, politics, telling and laughing at jokes, making sea sparkle even on nights without the moonlight, creating sensation with surprise animations, taking beautiful photographs; in essence experiencing friendship, unity, truly feeling being alive.

     Once you taste Blue Voyage, you will be hooked. This tradition has been enjoyed and is being yearned for the last 50 years.            


  • Everyone is met with a smile, kindness and respect.
  • Upon arriving the boat, one is asked to remove their shoes. Only rubber sole slippers/shoes are permitted on board and they can only be worn on deck, shoes are strictly forbidden elsewhere on the boat.
  • It is unsafe to walk on board with wet feet or without drying your body.
  • Smoking is prohibited boat’s indoor areas.
  • One person, designated as leader, establishes and maintains communication between crew and guests.
  • Everyone, even when not hungry, sits together for meals.
  • Guest skip two seats clockwise for each meal.
  • Men/women are asked to cover torso and not attend meals in bikinis/bathing suits, respectively.
  • Those sitting in the middle of table during meals are designated servers. This changes every meal - see the rule about skipping two seats, above.
  • It is recommended to turn off your radio and not read newspapers for the true tranquil experience.
  • Electronics interaction should be limited - it is acceptable to play with cellphones for a reasonable period of time.
  • Dangerous moves and jokes on board are prohibited. In case of a serious injury or illness, the entire itinerary would be modified and everyone would be negatively affected.
  • Waste of water on board is forbidden. No water jokes are allowed.
  • All good things, pleasing and satisfactory actions are appreciated with a round of applause, e.g. captain for a beautiful bay, chef due to a delicious meal, guest for a funny joke.


     If you ask me what it would mean to be a blue voyager, I would say it is a stage of consciousness. This journey would give one a sense of superiority and prestige but rather than separating one from others, this experience would give the guest a desire to share the feeling with others.The greatest achievement for a blue voyager is to be able to organize a cruise for themselves and allow family, friends and close ones to experience the same taste of adventure, said once, the famous literate AZRA ERHAT.


      In today’s world, some travel agents match guests with boats and after collecting the boat rent amount, finalize the task by introducing the guests to the crew. Concept blue voyages, on the other hand, allow us to coordinate with the group leader in terms of creating menus, preparing shopping lists based on the menus, delivering groceries on board. Moreover, recommendations and tips regarding shopping for items are shared with the guests at no cost. Meet and greet with the crew and pre-sail orientation tours are also offered. We also offer tours like yoga cruise, art cruise, group and student cruises, employee appreciation cruise.

             ⛵ WHAT IS OUR DIFFERENCE?

      We offer customer support from the early stages of planning; from time of decision to attend the cruise, through creating the dining menus, setting the route to offering recommendations and setting guidelines while always being available by email and phone. While Blue Voyage is a comfortable, peaceful and tranquil experience, it does have rules, guidelines and rituals to make sure everyone on board is safe and has a great time. Provided that everyone is aligned with the protocol, Hasegobis Blue Voyage experience is second to none. 

      Blue Voyage is most enjoyed with a group. The rules, guidelines and rituals have established to ensure the group finds a common rhythm and become as one, based on years’ experience. Captain provides regular trainings to chef and other crew members on relationship with the guests, appearance, language and service.Surprise rewards are offered to guests to boost team spirit. First night is Captain’s “Welcome on board” night. Last night on the boat is “Gala Night” and cocktail hour. Guests are encouraged to take pride in their appearance - individual and group photo shoots take place.


  • Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Gulf of Hisarönü - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Datça - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Göcek - Marmaris
  • Marmaris - Fethiye - Kekova - Marmaris
  • Bodrum - Gulf of Gökova - Bodrum
  • Marmaris - Greek Islands - Marmaris

Our port of departure is Marmaris. Transport to other marinas is subject to extra fees and the start date may be the following day.



If requested, we also offer airport transfers between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris Marina.

For those who are flying in Dalaman on Fridays, we also offer Dalyan daily trip, following accommodation, Saturday transfer to Marmaris Marina and Blue Voyage.

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